Types of Welding and Their Uses

Welding is a method of joining two metals. This is the only method used as far as technology is concerned with how to combine two metals and make them act as one.

Mobile Welding

There are many different types of welding. And welding is definitely not something to joke about. Learning the different types of welding can help you get a better grasp of what welding is. Here are the different types of welding that are used in the industry:

1. MIG Welding – MIG or metal inert gas welding is one of the easiest welding types to learn. This type of welding is actually separated into two parts. One that uses flux core and another one that uses bare wiring. Flux Core MIG welding is done both indoors and outdoors. Flux core MIG welding can be used outside because it doesn’t need a gas supply or even a flow meter. Bare wire MIG welding is used specifically for thin pieces of metal to join them. This type of welding is usually what DIY enthusiasts for welding prefer, they usually can’t afford professional and expensive equipment that’s why they would prefer MIG instead.

2. Arc Welding – This type of welding is also known as stick welding. This is the oldest fashioned and classic type of welding there is. This is more difficult to learn and do than that of MIG welding. Arc welding or stick welding equipment and materials is not that expensive though, you can easily buy them at any local hardware store if you want to have a go for DIY. This type of welding uses a stick electrode welding rod or also called as stick welding rod.

3. TIG Welding – It is very hard to learn due to its versatility. The process of TIG welding is that using both of your hands you’re torching the rod with the torch on one hand and the rod on the other. This type of welding is compatible to a lot of metals like titanium, cobalt, copper, nickels, steel and aluminum.

4. Plasma Arc Welding – Plasma Welding requires a very specified technique in order to properly execute the joining of two metals. This type of welding is commonly used in aerospace. This technique is somewhat similar to TIG welding wherein the electrodes are attached and the gas for ionizing in the arc are used to heat it up.

5. Gas Welding – This type is seldom used nowadays. They require oxygen and acetylene for their welding sets. Since this type of welding is already outdated, it has been overthrown by TIG welding.

These are the types of welding you need to know in order for you to properly understand what is being done if ever you avail residential and commercial mobile welding for your home or your commercial business. Located in phoenix is a mobile welding company called Phoenix Mobile Welding and they offer almost all of the types of welding in their services. You can visit their website to learn more about their products and services.  


Advantages of Hiring Mobile Welding Service Contractors

Welding services nowadays are now catching up to the times. Before welding services are only located at an area where they have their permanent workshop; now, there are mobile welding services wherein they can do electric welding, gas welding, laser welding and underwater welding on-the-go.

Phoenix Mobile Welding

Mobile welding services were invented so that residential and commercial mobile welding clients that have tight deadlines and busy schedules will no longer worry about delays on their projects. Here are some of the advantages that Phoenix mobile welding can guarantee you:

1. Welding on-the-go

A welding service that is mobile instead of being fixed in one spot or in other words, portable. Phoenix mobile welding contractors will assist you professionally by having all of the experience and knowledge regarding the project as you need it right then and there.

2. Quick and Fast Service

In other welding contractors or companies, they are usually fixated in one place and you will need to wait for the welding to get done, have it delivered and painted. Phoenix mobile welding contractors for residential and commercial mobile welding clients will experience instant service and could even finish the job on the spot.

3. Transportation problem no more

In the past, welding contractors are only hired for their service and not the entirety of the project themselves. So before, transportation of the materials from the client going to the contractor and back to the client was such a big hassle for everyone, not only for the clients but contractors as well. This is where Phoenix mobile welding contractors for residential and commercial mobile welding clients will come in. Since they offer services for welding and fabrication on the go, there will be no need for you to think about the transportation costs of your projects since they will do the project right there where you need it.

4. No hidden transactions and costs

Do your research on the contractor that you’re going to hire for your project. Compare their estimates and rough quotes. You can also search online for the market price of their quality of work. This will help you a lot in budgeting and allocating the money for your project. Phoenix mobile welding can offer you a free estimate if you contact them now. Visit their website for more information.

5. On-site servicing

Delivering the services for residential and commercial mobile welding on site is a major convenience for the clients especially if you’re going to do custom fabrication and welding jobs on the spot and after that you’re already done. Discussions or estimates for projects, the Phoenix mobile welding contractors will be the ones who will go to you or wherever your desired location is.

Phoenix mobile welding company is fully licensed, insured and certified to handle all of your residential and commercial mobile welding projects. If you want to know more about their services, you can visit their website, send them an email or give them a call. Old school welding is boring, mobile welding services are the new thing now. More reliable, efficient and portable.  



Things You Need to Know Before You Hire a Welding and Fabrication Contractor

Professionals in the field of welding and fabrication are the ones that create your ideas and brings them to life. The process of welding is combining 2 metals to forge them to an interconnected structure creating a strong bond with the use of heat. It’s not an easy thing to do despite how simple it seems

.Residential and Commercial Mobile Welding

Getting help or hiring a professional welding and fabrication contractor will assure you that you can have a quality output that is done quickly and safely. Here are some of the factors to consider when hiring a residential and commercial mobile welding contractor:

1. Professionalism

You as a client should consider that if you’re going to hire people who will be working with heavy equipment and large projects you will need to hire someone who is experienced and well-reputed in the trade and industry. Let their portfolio speak for them and also do some research and contact their references. Making sure that the people you hire is the best of the best is not a bad thing. At least you will not have any regrets investing in their work if you can guarantee their professionalism.

2. Equipment

The machinery and heavy equipment that will be used by the contractor should be state of the art and one of the most reliable equipment and technologies used for that trade. This assures you that you are working with people that keep up with the times and are reliable in terms of the materials they use.

3. Area Survey

If you’re located in Phoenix, then the area for transportation of the materials is great since that is also included in the estimate. Residential and commercial mobile welding service is usually quoted together with the time of transport and cost of transport of materials. Phoenix Mobile Welding LLC offers services in all of the metro Phoenix areas.  

4. Quotation

They don’t only quote by transportation of course; they would also quote you regarding the amount of the materials and the labor fees it would need to achieve the project that you planned. Also check for the market value of the quality that your chosen contractor will be providing. This will help you out in budgeting and other things that factor in money.

5. Connections

It’s also essential to know that the contractor you’re hiring has a good relationship with their steel vendors and if they get their orders on time. Assessing this will turn up your project and make it quicker to finish since there will be no delays on the arrival of the materials.

Choosing the right contractor for the job will be something you wouldn’t regret. It can cost you a lot of money if you invest it on a poorly constructed output. Always make sure you check all of these before you select a contractor for welding and fabrication worthy of your money and time to ensure the quality of service and output that they will be providing for you, the client.